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Energy Savings with Low-E Glass

We all want to be energy-efficient, and choosing Low-E windows with the proper window treatments will help you maximize your home energy savings, and The Window Design Group can help you!

Energy efficiency is a priority these days, and your windows & window treatments can greatly impact your energy use. A home's heating and cooling energy is most often lost through its windows. At The Window Design Group there are several options to enhance your insulation needs. In addition to lowering your heating and cooling costs, The Window Design Group knows that our windows & window treatments can also protect your furniture and flooring from damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Most window treatments will provide some energy savings when closed or lowered. We recommend for the best in energy efficiency Custom Shutters or Cellular honeycomb shades.

They are even more effective at reducing heating and cooling bills when room darkening fabric is selected. Other great energy saving window treatments would be our Roman Shades, Woven Wood Shades, Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds.

For the maximum in energy saving windows & window treatments combine a shutter or shade with one of our Westbridge replacement windows and you can greatly reduce the amount of heat/cold passed through your home. These products will provide an extra layer of insulation for your windows and a great way to finish off the look of any room.

ENERGYSTAR® Certified Low-E Insulated Glass Packages

What makes our low-E glass packages so effective?

Since 80% of a window is made of glass, a substantial amount of heating and cooling savings come from improved glass performance.

  • Our combination of UV-filtering Low-E Glass, insulating argon gas, and an Interceptâ„¢ warm-edge spacer system creates significant energy efficiency.
  • Together they can cut damaging UV energy, which can lead to faded carpets, curtains, and furniture.
  • The center of glass U-Value on our Low-E Insulating Glass is 50% better than standard insulating glass.
  • In summer, up to a 58% reduction in solar heat gain helps cut air conditioning costs.
  • The result: Low-E Insulated Glass Packages can help you save on energy and cooling costs while keeping your home more comfortable.

How does Low-E Glass work?

One of the biggest buzzwords in the replacement window market is "Low-E Glass", but just what is it? Low-E is short for low emissivity. Low Emissivity is a measure of how much radiant heat is transferred by the glass surface. The less radiant heat transferred, the better. This window glass product is coated with a thin, transparent layer of silver, tin, or zinc sandwiched between layers of metallic oxide deposited on a window glazing surface during the manufacturing process. During the winter, it keeps the heat in, and during the summer, it keeps the heat out.

Another advantage of Low-E glass is the fact that it will block two to three times as many ultraviolet light rays as ordinary clear single pane glass. This will reduce the fading that the sun causes on your drapes, carpets, and furniture.

How does argon gas work?

The panes of glass in double pane windows are usually filled with argon gas. This gas is heavier than air and does not move around as much. Argon does not allow heat to be transferred as easily through the window glass.

Because of the warmer temperature the interior pane of glass will maintain in a double pane window, there will be less condensation that forms on your windows. This will help your house maintain a higher humidity level for greater comfort. The condensation that forms on your windows is frequently the cause of great damage to your sashes.

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass takes on a new duty in winter months. It lets warm solar rays into your home...while blocking the heat in your home from getting out:

Low-E Glass

How does the Intercept™ Spacer System work?

  • Its one-piece metal alloy, U-channel design creates an effective thermal barrier to help reduce conducted heat loss.
  • Its sealed one-piece design makes it stronger and better at retaining insulating gas than many conventional designs.

How do Intercept™ Spacers add to room comfort?

  • They keep the edges of the window glass warmer, so your home feels more comfortable in winter.
  • The temperature difference between the edge of an insulating glass unit with an ordinary spacer, and one with an Interceptâ„¢ spacer system can be dramatic.

How do Intercept™ Spacers Help Windows to Last Longer?

  • Insulated glass units expand and contract with temperature changes.
  • In conventional insulated glass units, the sealant holding the unit together takes the stress of this flexing and can cause seal failure and insulating gas loss.
  • In an Intercept unit, the spacer flexes instead of the sealant, so it resists spacer movement and premature sealant failure.

Thermography Images Visualize the Difference.

The window on the left is a standard clear insulated glass unit. The heat transmittance, indicated by the green, yellow and orange colors from the heat scale, is far more apparent than that of the window with the SolarZone Insulated Glass Package.

Thermography Images Visualize

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