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Our Franchising Opportunities the potential opportunities in the window coverings and window replacement industries are wide open. Look around and you will be amazed at the quantity of windows in your local community.

Your Journey
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A World Of Potential

The potential opportunities in the window coverings and window replacement industries are wide open. Look around and you will be amazed at the quantity of windows in your local community. Envision being in business where every house, office building and hotel is your potential customer. We are sure you are able to visualize the magnitude of the industry and the vast available market place. You need no prior experience in this business. Our tools will provide you a clear and overwhelming competitive advantage.

Start On Solid Footing

At a time when retail stores are struggling to survive, our shop-at-home concept is booming. And it's no wonder. Our state-of-the-art franchise system allows our customers to view hundreds of window covering & window replacement selections from the comfort of their homes or businesses. Doesn't it just make sense to choose design and color options with the actual lighting, furniture and décor it will work with? We thought so too. And it's why the WDG customers become repeat customers and recommend our services to their friends and family.

Our common sense approach to buying window coverings & window replacements has helped us attract the top manufacturers in the world. And our national buying power helps keep our prices reasonable and our margins very appealing. You buy directly from the leading manufacturers and order only the amount of product you need as the sale occurs. There's no inventory to stock. No storefront to maintain. No employees to supervise.

A Home Based Relationship Opportunity

Our home-based franchise opportunity virtually eliminates overhead expenses, enabling you to breathe easier during the crucial development stage of your business and ramp up quickly as you grow your customer base. The WDG is a relationship-based business. And we've done the groundwork for you, building solid partnerships with the top manufacturers in the window coverings & window replacement industries. As a WDG Franchisee you too will be creating your own relationships and partnerships with competent and reliable independent installation craftsmen. The time you spend building these relationships is invaluable in building your business.

Join An Organization Where Partnerships Excel!

Imagine a career where you're helping people beautify and add value to their homes. Picture yourself partnering with a business that understands how today's consumers want to shop for window coverings & window replacements. Envision a company that cares about you and wants to help you succeed and grow. That's the WDG Franchise opportunity.

When you become a WDG franchisee you're part of a company with a proven track record, incredible buying power, cutting edge technology and a support system that's second to none. Best of all, as a WDG Franchisee you're working for yourself with a home-based business that lets you set your own hours, which means you can make time for the things that are important to you wheather that be coaching your kids soccer team or being home when the kids get home from school. Isn't that exactly what you've been looking for? Franchisees who adhere to our system and actively work their business have the potential to earn a strong six-figure income. Will show you the necessary steps. We are committed to your success by enabling you to be in "business for yourself, but not by yourself."

Our Franchisees Will Come From All Walks Of Life

You don't have to have window covering & window replacement experience to be a WDG Franchisee. If you enjoy working with other people, are self-motivated, believe in the WDG franchise system, understand the value of great customer service and have the necessary capital, we want to talk with you. Once you become a WDG Franchisee, you will receive extensive educational training and support so that you can provide the best buying experience in the shop-at-home category. Our support continues via meetings, teleconferences and workshops dedicated to continuous improvement.

A Family Business That Treats You Like Family

The Window Design Pros (WDG) is a family owned and operated corporation with over 50 cumulative years of successes in the manufacture and sales of window covering products. In the evolution of pursuing growth opportunities in the window coverings industry, The WDG expanded into the window replacement industry, which complements the window coverings products lines. The merger of the window coverings and window replacements provides synergy, thereby producing results not achievable by the two lines operating independently.

We Continue To Lead The Industry

While operating our retail business, we watched as customers struggled to make purchasing decisions for their homes in retail stores throughout the community. We developed a business model that would bring the sales floor to the customer, and The Window Design Group was born. The shop-at-home model is one of the fastest growing trends in the industry today!

Continuing To Bring Exciting Innovations To The Window Covering & Window Replacement Industries

We've developed a sales support system exclusively for our franchise system that makes in-home sales a snap. Our in-home technology is easy to use and runs on a tablet computer. It allows you to input measurements electronically, show different products, calculate margins, and up-sell products quickly and efficiently. The system calculates for you, so there's less time wasted with fewer estimating errors. The WDG Franchisee will find that our in-home technology system dramatically improves their sales and margins.

Are you looking for a business…

  • With a low investment and timely return on investment (ROI)
  • With overwhelming advantages in a multi billion dollar industry
  • Where life is fun, exciting and fulfilling everyday
  • Where men and women excel equally
  • Where the products you sell are a need and not a luxury
  • With no inventory
  • With strong cash flow
  • Where you create your income levels and profitability.
  • Where you become a recognized name in your local community.
  • Where you sell cutting edge national name brand products
  • With national buying power that makes you the leader in your market
  • With the latest computer and technology systems
  • Where corporate support is truly all year round
  • With a proven national marketing and advertising program
  • Where no industry knowledge is needed
  • Where every home or building is a potential customer

To Help With Your Decision, Ask Yourself

  • Do you want to earn what you are worth?
  • Do you feel you have good people skills?
  • Are you self motivated and disciplined?
  • Do you desire to own your own business?
  • Would you like a change?
  • Would you like more flexibility and control?
  • Do you want to be your own boss?
  • Do you want to work from home?

When you invest in a WDG Franchise you become part of an organization in which the founders are personally invested and manage the day-to-day business operations just as we have for over 50 years. We are confident that you will find this investment to be an exciting, challenging and rewarding venture. Our franchise concept has given us the opportunity to offer the prospective business owner an opportunity at a new way of life that can be extremely rewarding.

Choosing The Right Franchise

With countless franchise opportunities available to you, finding the best franchise opportunity is a challenging task. Questions to ask yourself include the following, but are not limited to

  • Which franchise will provide me the best opportunity for success?
  • What industry is driven by need not luxury?
  • What franchise will allow me to be creative and personal?
  • What franchise will allow me the freedom and independence I've been looking for?
  • What franchise program is the most recession-resistant?
  • What franchise allows me no overhead and no inventory risk?
  • What franchise has the experience to help keep its franchisees successful?

As an entrepreneur it is fallacious to think that success is guaranteed. However, chances of failure are significantly reduced with strong corporate leadership, staff experience, and products in demand, applied proven sales programs and an attitude of optimism. With over 50 years of cumulative experience our family owned corporation has succeeded in the window coverings and window replacement industries. Your opportunity to share in this viable business awaits you.

Our Vision And Mission Aren't Just Words On A Page, They're Words To Live By

We take our vision and mission so seriously, we read them at the beginning of every meeting with our franchisees. It's a reminder to all of us what makes the WDG unique and defines our role as the provider of Top Quality Service to our customers.

Our Vision

We will be the most Professional, Convenient, Knowledgeable, and Informative resource for the Residential and Main Street Commercial consumer of window coverings & window replacements in the United States.

Our Mission

We will accomplish this by providing target consumers with the most pleasant and professional purchase experience creating an advocacy for our products and services resulting in a disproportionately loyal, repeat and referral customer base.

Our Culture

We believe that an educated customer becomes a loyal customer. We believe that customer service is not a department but a philosophy. We believe that we have a responsibility to benefit the common good of our local communities, our country, and our world. We believe in educating ourselves and passing that knowledge on to our customers. We believe that in order to help we must first listen.

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