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As a Cerritos, CA homeowner you have the benefit of letting the sun shine in, no matter what time of year. As you know from your monthly energy bill, unlimited access to sunshine comes at a price – but did you know it doesn’t have to? If you choose to work with the Window Design Group, you can enjoy the Cerritos sunlight without footing a ghastly high-energy bill. Our windows and plantation shutters are designed to conserve energy and save you money.

We offer interior window systems, vinyl doors, and window replacement services – all of which can prevent you from wasting any more energy and any more of your hard-earned cash. We offer a 30-Day Price Match Promise, which means that we do not offer any products that are not lower or equal to the cost of our competitors. Our trusted and long-time relationships with leading manufacturers in the area are the main reason we are able to provide quality at a decent cost.

12-84 Month Interest-Free Financing

The Window Design Group offers financing options through Wells Fargo Bank for your home improvement needs. Call 800-577-0643 to learn how to secure your interest-free home improvement loan.  This program allows you to get all your shutters today without paying now.  Plus it can help to conserve cash and does not increase your other credit card balances

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You can have it all with our replacement windows

Windows do more than just brighten up any room with natural sunlight – they can actually help reduce energy consumption. The replacement windows that the Window Design Group offer are made with Low-E insulating glass, which helps conserve energy and protect your furnishing from damaging sunrays. You can also choose solar heat gain metrics and U-values that are best for your home and the Cerritos weather. With our energy-efficient replacement windows, you can save money all year long.

The kind of windows you have in your home can either waste or save energy. The Window Design Group team offers window replacement services, using replacement windows that help you conserve energy so you do not have to be concerned over your energy bill. Our windows are made with Low-E insulating glass to help protect your furniture and floors from the UV rays of the sun, in addition to reducing the energy consumption of your Cerritos home. You can choose solar heat gain metrics and U-values for added protection and savings.

Our vinyl frame windows are never going to peel or need to be repainted, and they are meant to last a lifetime. Our windows come with the option of tilting or sliding sashes for effortless cleaning. High-visibility screens are a breeze to remove and re-install, which also allows for stress-free maintenance.

Cerritos Shutters for peace of mind

Our line of interior shutter systems gives you peace of mind. We offer remote-controlled shutters that can be placed on an automated timer. Do you know when you plan on coming home late? You can set your shutters to close themselves at a certain time. Do you prefer to operate your shutters by hand? We have less high-tech, more traditional shutter solutions for you as well. Our shutters are wood or composite, and all are durable. No matter what you choose, you can relax in your Cerritos home because you have full control over lighting, privacy, and comfort with our interior shutter systems.

Our warranties and budget-friendly shutter systems give you even more peace of mind. Homeowners throughout Cerritos can put their trust in us to provide beautiful and reliable products that are not going to put stress on their wallet.

We are customer-service centered

Behind all of our products is a team of experts whose main focus is to provide impeccable and unbeatable customer service. The reason Cerritos homeowners turn to us is because we are never late, always knowledgeable, and ever willing to meet their needs. Our customer service is just as custom-fit as our products. In other words, we tailor to your needs on every level.
Have a consultation with the Window Design Group to find out how we can improve your home based on your budget. Replacing your windows is a great investment because you will no longer be wasting energy, and your monthly bill will decline. Your home and your monthly savings will both be at their best.

Ventura County FAQs

Does the Window Design Group sell other products besides replacement windows?2017-08-30T13:12:32-07:00

Yes! We offer everything from basic shutters, to customer shutters, plantation shutters, doors, windows for doors and more!

During what hours can I contact the Window Design Group to schedule an in-home consultation?2017-08-30T13:12:04-07:00

Our phone line is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also fill out the form above to request an in-home consultation and one of our customer representatives will reach out to you right away.

Where in California does the Window Design Group sell replacement windows?2017-08-30T13:11:37-07:00

The Window Design Group is based out of Simi Valley, CA but we have representatives all across southern California. You don’t need to worry about coming to us; we bring everything we need to provide replacement windows right to you in your home!