Composite Shutters



Composite Shutters

The Window Design Group Composite shutters last longer, resist weather better, clean easier and add more value to your home more than any other window covering.

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If you live in a place where it’s sunny most of the year consider Composite Shutters. Composite Shutters have the look and feel of wood but are less prone to the effects of temperature and moisture. With sun, rain, heat or humidity, Composite Shutters stand up beautifully. Control your shutters with the touch of a button? Program your shutters to open when the sun rises? It’s all possible with motorized coverings and a hand-held remote control. Ask your Design Consultant to tell you more.

Product Description


Our composite shutters are made using a mixture of plastic and wood fibers treated with zinc borate and phenolic resins. As they do with shutters made with other materials, We paint them in a variety of colors and make them in sizes to fit most your windows. They have a smooth surface that has the look of real wood.


The cost of composite shutters and our wood shutters normally are the same cost based on window style. The different shutter styles, vary in price due to different construction methods. Options such as, custom wood cutouts and specialty shapes, increase the cost.


Composite shutters offer several advantages when compared to wood shutters. Phenolic resins increase moisture resistance, while zinc borate increases resistance to rot and termites. The plastics used in the mixture also reduce the uptake of moisture. This results in less maintenance and a longer life span. We offer our composite shutters with a lifetime warranty. Compared to vinyl shutters, composite offers the strength of wood and can be milled, giving an authentic look of a timeless traditional wood shutter.

Why Shutters Work In Your Home.
The Window Design Group Composite Shutters blend with every design style from traditional to contemporary. They instantly transform the style of your home and complement any décor.

Shutters Add Visual Interest and Value.
Thinking of refinancing or selling? Add value to your home. Appraisers may increase your estimated home value when you add Custom Shutters to your home.

Shutters Hang In There.
The Window Design Group Shutters are engineered with a material and finish that will outlast any other window treatment on the market. Our Composite Shutters will not fade,warp,crack,peel,chip,split,cup or twist.

Motorize your Custom Shutters
The Window Design Group are one of the only companies to offer full tilt motorization for all your shutter needs. Sky windows no problem, hard to reach bathroom areas, no problem.

Shutters Built to Last.
The Window Design Group Shutters can withstand dramatic temperatures over 140 degress, humidity, light and normal use over long periods of time. Our Composite Shutters have a lifetime guarantee against defects. The material, finish and manufacturing methods ensure they will look as perfect in 10 years as they do on the day you purchased them.

Shutters Last A Lifetime.
The Window Design Group Composite Shutters are worry free. They are easy to clean—just dust them like furniture or wipe smudges with a damp cloth. They’ll look beautiful in your home day after day.

Shutters Are Energy Efficient.
Built with energy conservation in mind, The Window Design Group Composite Shutters are proven to be up to 1600% more energy efficient than aluminum mini-blinds and have an R-Value of 4.63. They feature our exclusive Astragal flap on each stile (vertical sections) to help block out more temperature and light than any other shutter, and a finish that is UV coated for ultimate protection against the elements.


Lifetime Warranty


Proper shutter installation is almost as important as the shutter itself—an improperly installed shutter can bind and be tough to open. The Window Design Group only use the most professional installation crews who will come to your home and install your shutters precisely, making sure that every shutter operates the way it’s designed to.

Before the installers arrive, remove all old window treatments and move any furniture blocking the windows away from the wall. This can also be done by your installation crew by making this arrangement with your decorator at time of order. This makes it easy for your installation team to get right to work on your shutters.

Your installer will attach the frame to the wall inside the window opening for an inside mount, or on the wall around the window opening for an outside mount. Once the frame is secured in place, your installer will hinge each shutter panel into the frame. The panels feature a built in “Exclusive hidden magnet system” that keeps them closed tight to the frame, but able to be opened with a slight pull. If you have any questions about your shutter operation, don’t hesitate to ask your installer, or you can always call us.

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