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Looking for a stylish addition to your California home? Window Design Group has plantation shutters for your home that will not only add style to your home but can also impact your home’s energy efficiency.

Updating your windows and window shutters can make a huge difference in your energy costs, your energy footprint and the day-to-day comfort of your home. The difference between your old leaky windows and today’s energy smart technologies is enormous, from insulating E-glass to our energy-saving window shutters with 10x the energy performance of aluminum blinds.

12-84 Month Interest-Free Financing

The Window Design Group offers financing options through Wells Fargo Bank for your home improvement needs. Call 800-577-0643 to learn how to secure your interest-free home improvement loan.  This program allows you to get all your shutters today without paying now.  Plus it can help to conserve cash and does not increase your other credit card balances

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Agoura Hills Window Shutters

Living in Agoura Hills, CA you can enjoy sunny days almost every day of the year. As much as we love the sun here in Southern California, the exposure to heat takes a toll on our homes. The sun actually transforms our fabric from vibrant to drab, even when they are indoors. Energy bills skyrocket and shrink our bank accounts. Many Agoura Hills homeowners whose houses need a pick-me-up call on the Window Design Group for cost-effective solutions. We have been in business for decades and are the trusted company for all things windows. Our replacement windows and window shutters are budget-friendly and energy saving.

Why Replacement Windows?

Over time, older windows actually change their shape if they are not updated, thus causing a rise in energy costs. By upgrading with our replacement windows, you can have a more environmentally friendly home and a lower monthly energy bill. Our replacement windows are made with the standard Low-E insulating glass, but we also offer better material for ultimate protection. There are also solar heat gain metrics and U-value options, which fit your home and budget. Our energy packages can be customized to adapt to Agoura Hills’ weather changes.

The Window Design Group’ windows are built to last for decades. The frames will not peel, and they are practically maintenance-free. They will continue to look like new, without the need to be repainted. We offer tilting and sliding sashes that make window cleaning simple.

Beautiful shutter systems

One of the most popular window coverings from the Window Design Group are our shutter systems. From high-tech to simple, they are stylish and functional. Our shutter systems can be customized to fit anywhere in your home. We have automated shutters that can be put on a time schedule. Our motorized shutters can be operated with a remote control. The Window Design Group’ composite shutters are guaranteed for life not to peel or warp. Our automated systems will run smoothly for years.

Exemplary professional service

All of us at Window Design Group believe in our windows and window coverings, and we know that our products are going to last for the rest of your life. However, we are even prouder of the customer relationships that we establish. It is important that we come on time, listen to you, and ensure that you are happy and satisfied with our service. Our reputation is built on the appreciation of our customers.

Agoura Hills FAQs

Does the Window Design Group sell other products besides replacement windows?2017-08-30T13:12:32-07:00

Yes! We offer everything from basic shutters, to customer shutters, plantation shutters, doors, windows for doors and more!

During what hours can I contact the Window Design Group to schedule an in-home consultation?2017-08-30T13:12:04-07:00

Our phone line is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also fill out the form above to request an in-home consultation and one of our customer representatives will reach out to you right away.

Where in California does the Window Design Group sell replacement windows?2017-08-30T13:11:37-07:00

The Window Design Group is based out of Simi Valley, CA but we have representatives all across southern California. You don’t need to worry about coming to us; we bring everything we need to provide replacement windows right to you in your home!