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Tustin Replacement Windows


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Tustin, CA has been ranked as one of the top 25 cities to live in the USA. As a result many people and families in Tustin are looking to make the most out of their Tustin home, and this includes replacing their old windows. Old windows not only cloud your view of this beautiful city but can cost you money as well. Older models of your home’s windows can allow many of the sun’s rays to enter your home, increasing the temperatures as well as fading the materials in your home. Additionally, the deterioration of the window frames can allow air to flow in and out of your home and increase the energy it takes to keep your home cool.



12-84 Month Interest-Free Financing

The Window Design Group offers financing options through Wells Fargo Bank for your home improvement needs. Call 800-577-0643 to learn how to secure your interest-free home improvement loan.  This program allows you to get all your shutters today without paying now.  Plus it can help to conserve cash and does not increase your other credit card balances

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About Our Window Replacement & Installation Services

By choosing the window replacement services from the Window Design Group you can address all of the issues your current windows are causing while also adding a level of clarity in your windows that cannot be matched. Our professional window installation crew has completed hundreds of installations in Southern California to our customer’s satisfaction. Just check out what some of our customers have thought of their newly installed windows!

If you choose to go with our Low-E glass you’ll also see a reduction in your utilities during the life of your home. The Low-E glass keeps the sun’s rays out of your home during those hot summer homes, which reduces the amount of energy your air conditioning needs to use to keep your home cool. We can also reduce the amount of air your home loses by ensuring there are no gaps in the windows and window frames during the installation.

Want to learn more? Be sure to fill out the contact form above and one of our customer representatives will reach out to you at your convenience. Also be sure to check out the plantation shutters available in Tustin, CA.

Shutters for effortless efficiency

Our interior window shutters are another way to add functional beauty to your home. We offer basic manual shutters for easy light and privacy control. Or choose the ultimate in advanced motorized and automated shutter systems. For any taste, style and budget, the Window Design Group will help you transform any room.

  • Our moisture-sealed wood shutters are constructed with durable mortise and tenon joints.
  • Composite shutter solutions offer even higher durability, with the milled look, character of wood and at about the same price. They are resistant to rot, pests and moisture with a lifetime warranty and great looks.
  • Explore diverse combinations of louver sizes, stain and paint colors.
  • Smart louver controls hold the louvers in any position, giving you precise light and privacy control throughout the day.

It’s time for vinyl replacement windows

Some of Tustin’s most beautiful home’s feature The Window Design Group vinyl replacement windows and for good reason.

Our windows are tested and certified for durability, safety and environmental stewardship. And our vinyl windows come in limitless styles and sizes, all crafted to last a lifetime. In fact, customization is our specialty- we can tailor sizes to your home’s exact specifications with no extra cost or lead time.

From specialty shape windows to obscured or colored glass for privacy and dozens of grid patterns, we’ll help you explore all your vinyl window possibilities.

The experts at Window Design Group will help you choose the right features and functionality for your Tustin home:

  • Vinyl frames won’t rot or peel (and you’ll never have to paint)
  • Select window Solar heat gain performance and U-Value to meet your specific energy goals
  • We tailor energy packages specifically for Tustin’s climate
  • Our Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage means peace of mind
  • Choose our standard Low-E insulating glass , or upgrade for even more fade protection
  • High-visibility screens provide a custom fit and easy removal

Ready to get started?

Your Window Design Group experience starts with a free in-home estimate. Our decorating consultants will help you select the design and materials that are right for your home style, needs and budget.

From there, we handle every aspect of production and installation completing even complex orders in about a week. And our prices? Just check out our price match guarantee, and you’ll feel great working with The Window Design Group.

Tustin FAQs


Does the Window Design Group sell other products besides replacement windows?2017-08-30T13:12:32-07:00

Yes! We offer everything from basic shutters, to customer shutters, plantation shutters, doors, windows for doors and more!

During what hours can I contact the Window Design Group to schedule an in-home consultation?2017-08-30T13:12:04-07:00

Our phone line is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also fill out the form above to request an in-home consultation and one of our customer representatives will reach out to you right away.

Where in California does the Window Design Group sell replacement windows?2017-08-30T13:11:37-07:00

The Window Design Group is based out of Simi Valley, CA but we have representatives all across southern California. You don’t need to worry about coming to us; we bring everything we need to provide replacement windows right to you in your home!