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Window Treatment FAQs

  • Why do The Window Design Group Basswood shutters cost less than our competitors? The Window Design Group is in a unique position where as we control the manufacturing of our own shutters. The vast majority of interior shutters sold in the United States are purchased via two importers. We effectively have cut out the middleman and as such, our costs are lower. This enables us to sell directly to the US market at a lower cost. It's that simple.

    Other shutter companies have followed our lead and in recent years started to offer The Window Design Group Shutters at 'Discounted' rates. We regularly check all our competitor's prices to ensure that our custom shutters are the lowest priced. In most cases our custom shutters are cheaper than their engineered (and we believe inferior) products such as MDF and press board materials.
  • Are your Sales Team Members Experienced? Our knowledgeable sales team is dedicated to providing our customers not only the window covering of their choice, but also a variety of options for that window covering that might enhance its elegance and functionality. We constantly strive to stay on the cutting edge of all the products we offer. When you call on The Window Design Group you can count on your in home sales experience to be the finest in the industry.

    Each of the Sales members has taken a full course in Window Coverings training and many times has over 10 years field experience.
  • Real wood vs vinyl shutters There are advantages to both types of materials when considering your shutters. Our basswood shutters offer an endless variety of custom paint, stain, and textured finishes. They also are available with custom liberty bells built into the top rail of the shutter to add distinctive character. Our vinyl shutters ( sometimes referred to as faux wood or synthetic) are a solid, co-extruded pvc material finished with a baked on water borne paint. While limited in color to four shades of white, they offer more durability and resistance to natural elements. Both materials provide added aesthetic and thermal value to any home.
  • Why do some companies charge for an in home estimate while others are free? There is no good reason for any company to charge for an estimate. If you are told that you need to pay a deposit of $50 for someone to come and measure your windows for a bid, move on to the next company. You may be told the deposit will go towards your order once it is placed. This is a tactic that companies use to make you feel that you have to buy from them because you've already ?invested money with them? and that you ?may as well? because you will have to pay the next company for the same service and the more bids you get the more money you will shell out for nothing. Don't believe it. And Don't Pay For Estimates!
  • Can't I just get a quote over the phone? General quotes can be provide over the phone given the actual window dimensions. However, a true estimate can only be offered with a free in home consultation and all material and design considerations have been accounted for. The estimated phone price at times can be more or less than the actual price once our sales representative has presented the best options for your window coverings.
  • Is there a minimum order with your company? There is no minimum order. We are willing to work with our clients one room at a time at no extra cost. We want you to feel comfortable that our commitment to your service does not waiver based on the size of your order or your particular needs.
  • If I put Shutters on my windows, won't I lose most of my view? No. You will still have approximately a 90% view with the louvers open, and a 100% view with the panels open. If you go with the larger 4 1/2 in. louvers, you will have even more of view than that, because the louvers are spaced that much farther apart. Take a look at for yourself. (link to page will ?full view? photos)
  • Do your blinds come with strings or that ?long plastic stick? that you have to turn? You can order blinds through us either way. That long stick is called a ?Wand? and you have the choice of ordering your blinds with a ?wand tilt? or ?cord tilt?, which is the feature that opens and closes the slats of the blinds. The ?pull?, which is what you use to raise or lower the blind, is for the most part only available with a cord.
  • Can you match what I already have in my home? Nine out of ten times, we can match it without a doubt. The other one out of ten times, we can come really really close. More often than not, we will be able to show you something that is very similar to what you already have that you may like even more. If there is a particular brand or manufacturer that you just have to have, let us know ahead of time so that we can take the time to do what we have to do to come fully prepared.
  • What is a Faux Blind?A Faux Blind is a blind made from synthetic material instead of wood. It could be a hardened foam, a type of plastic, or a PVC material. Faux (pronounced ?foe?) is the French word for fake, or more specifically forgery. These blinds are not wood, they are a ?Faux? wood, which just sounds much nicer than ?imitation wood.? Though the material is not real wood, it is much more durable and easier to clean than wood, making it ideal for those looking for a cost effective, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing way to cover their windows. Did we mention that it's significantly less expensive than wood?
  • By putting new window coverings, can I increase the value of my home? If you had your home appraised prior to refurbishing it, and replaced everything, including upgrading old verticals to horizontal blinds, you can in a sense, increase the value of you home with the new window coverings. But the only window covering that is known to actually increase the value of your home is the plantation shutter. Once attached to your window, it becomes a ?permanent? part of the home, just like granite counters and tile or hardwood floors. Shutters give the home instant curb appeal from the end of the driveway.
  • Can I finance my window coverings? Yes. Financing is available on approved credit. We also accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, personal checks and of course, cash. We are proud to offer 12-60 month interest-free financing options with zero interest if paid within the term allocated. A small fee applies to all loans financed, and is charged by the credit lender. Financing is provided by Wells Fargo Financial.
  • Is installation included in your price? What type Installers do you have? Installation is always included in the price we quote you. There are no hidden fees or added charges to our prices. Your price is your price out the door!

    All of our installations are handled by experienced, courteous, and licensed professionals. We strive to be on time, efficient, and to make certain that all aspects concerning the operation of your window coverings are explained thoroughly.
  • Can we match what you already have on other windows? We can match your existing window coverings without a problem. We work with many different manufactures and demand the same level of service with each and every one.
  • Do you offer full warranty on your products?A Faux Yes please see our warranty on the main page as it is one of the best warranties in the industry today.
  • Why should I purchase Custom Window treatments? Custom windows treatments give any room a long lasting Wow! that you instantly feel the moment you walk in. They bring color and dimension to the upper levels of a room, control the light and privacy, and enhance your lifestyle with beauty, durability, and even luxury. There are so many wonderful styles, colors, textures and innovative new window covering products to choose from that without being an expert in the field, it's even difficult to know where to start looking. We hope this information will be of assistance in helping you find the perfect choices in window fashions for your home or office! With that in mind, we've collected several most asked questions from our own experts, and answered them in specific terms for you.
  • Should I buy Custom or Ready Made window fashions? Custom window fashions offer you the greatest flexibility in color, fabric and style, and are the best way to add wow! wherever they are used. You get EXACTLY what you want, in PRECISELY the styles you pick, and they are EXPERTLY installed to the specifications you and your window fashions consultant determine during ordering, ensuring that truly Finished look. You have absolute control over what you get, which cannot be assured with ready made window coverings. This is truly the ultimate in convenience, saving you loads of time and effort. Another advantage is that you'll see fabrics or materials, styles, colors and textures you choose right in the rooms where they'll be seen every day NOT under odd store lighting.
  • Can't I order from the Internet What about Catalogs? Of course, you can. But it can be risky. While window fashions technology is not, as they say, rocket science, it is a very refined craft, with decorative artistry in every step, from design through installation.

    No printed catalog or computer monitor yet can show you the precise colors offered in a particular type of window covering (think vertical or horizontal blinds), or the exact color, texture or feel of fabrics and materials to choose from (think draperies, cornices, etc). They provide only simple approximations of color and design, and can vary from computer to computer, and from catalog to catalog. When you invest your money in window fashions this way, you are really just guessing what you'll get once the products arrive. That can be a very expensive risk to take. And very disappointing when you see what you bought. Here?s how to get exactly what you want for your home, guaranteed:
  • Should I go to a store, or call a specialist to come to my home? A better question might be, HOW MANY stores should I go to before deciding what I want?. The answer is ZERO. When you call a window fashions specialist to your home, you're inviting an expert in the industry who knows, from experience, just about all you'll need to know about what's available in new products, appropriate fabrics and materials for any use, plus any special innovations and values from the many window fashions manufacturers and suppliers out there. Your specialist will have suggestions and ideas to add to yours, and will be able to help you create any look your heart desires. You'll also see hundreds of choices all at one time, and all in one place your home! with more safety than others, generally the margins of error are fairly large, particularly in measuring. As hard as you may try to follow the instructions these vendors sometimes supply products that demand a professional to measure.
  • Should I take my measurements to a store? Real issues that you may want to address, consider how much privacy from the out-side you need. When buying from a store, this is one of the two most important things to bring, the other being a collection of items you hope to match in color from your existing or future d├ęcor. The problem with bringing your measurements to the store is that once you're there, will those measurements actually mean any- thing to the person you talk to... Is that person properly trained, or a true expert at this? Here is where craft comes to its finest point: measuring. It can make or break the entire effort of decorating your room pending many factors. An expert can make exact measuring allowances for win- side you need, establish a budget, That's how easy it can be.
  • Shadings and Blinds If you haven't seen some of the new, advanced shadings and blinds available, you may be missing out on the perfect light-control, privacy and design solutions for your home. From the most traditional slatted blinds in metals, woods and high-tech materials, to the most contemporary adjustable-translucency and dimensional shadings, your choices are many, and can be finely tailored to your specific desires.

    Windows that may not be exactly symmetrical, and can adjust the final product to accommodate a lot of other ills. What happens if one of your windows is not squared properly Vertical and horizontal blinds and shadings may hang crooked in the space, the result looking unkempt. What if you measure your windows precisely, but measure the wrong dimensions for the specific product selected Traipse home and start over, or settle for whatever comes from your order. Your expert windows fashions consultant can take all this mess away from your world just by dropping in, and doing it all for you in just one visit.
  • What about washing or cleaning? For some households, the answers to this question are very important. These are issues only a true window fashions expert can help you with BEFORE you make your purchase.

    Your expert will recommend the best fabrics and materials for washability or dry-cleaning, and specific window covering products that are more resilient to frequent washing or cleaning if that is your home's need. Obviously, some ready-made products are washable, but how much should you allow for shrinkage when you measure for them? Will they shrink more each washing? What about color-fastness? Will washing or cleaning hurt the durability and long-life? When you work with an expert, you'll have the right answers to these and other questions you might have about window coverings up front!
  • Should I install my window coverings myself? Our answer here is a little like the disclaimer you see at the bottom of the screen on certain television shows and commercials where people do dangerous things for our entertainment. It usually says something akin to "Please, don't try this at home"!

    Even if you are a person with some technical experience and infinite patience, we recommend that you leave installation to a trained professional - one provided by your window fashions consultant. Pro installers have the expertise, the specialized tools and the personal craftsmanship it takes to put the finishing touches on your window fashions investment. A professional window fashions expert will even guarantee your satisfaction, so you KNOW that person installing your beautiful purchases will do whatever it takes to do the installation right.
  • All of this sounds very expensive. It must be, isn't it? No, it isn't. Whether you have one or two windows to cover simply, or several that might require something elaborate, your window fashions professional can work within an established budget to show you what can be done with your ideas to make your home more beautiful.

    It truly is just as easy as picking up the phone and making a no-cost, no-obligation appointment in your home try it and you'll see. Convenience, expertise, craftsmanship and the finest designs and products all these are yours only from your window fashions consultant! Call today for a no-cost, no obligation appointment with a window fashions consultant who provides Exciting Windows! Shop at Home window fashions service!
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