In addition to energy efficient windows, The Window Design Group offers windows made from sustainable materials, such as Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) certified wood. Green building also encourages home builders and owners to take advantage of natural process for heating and cooling. When planning your windows, consider which direction they face to maximize use of sunlight and shade. You can reduce your reliance on air conditioning by taking advantage of natural air currents. Hot air rises, and cool air sinks. If you have double-hung windows, open the top sashes on the sunny or warmest side of the room, and the bottom sashes on the cooler side: this will create a cross-breeze. The same principal may be applied to different floors in your house. Open the top floor windows on the hottest side of the house, and the bottom floor windows on the coolest side. Ceiling or window fans can also help, and still use less energy than air conditioning.