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Chances are, your Irvine, CA home is blessed with abundant sunlight. That’s what living in Southern California is all about. But it can also mean high energy bills, heat buildup and even fabric fading inside your home. Those are some of the practical reasons Irvine homeowners look to the Window Design Group for energy-saving window shutters and window replacement services. The other reason? Sheer beauty. The right windows and interior window shutters can transform the look, feel and value of your home. And with our decades of experience, trusted reputation and skill craftsmen working for you, updating your windows is a decision you can make with absolute confidence.


12-84 Month Interest-Free Financing

The Window Design Group offers financing options through Wells Fargo Bank for your home improvement needs. Call 800-577-0643 to learn how to secure your interest-free home improvement loan.  This program allows you to get all your shutters today without paying now.  Plus it can help to conserve cash and does not increase your other credit card balances

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Window Replacement in Irvine, CA

Windows have changed a lot over time. They now play an active role in the energy efficiency of your home. All our replacement windows offer Low-E insulating glass or better, for outstanding comfort and fade protection. Choose solar heat gain metrics and U-values that suits your home’s orientation and your budget. In fact, we can customize an energy package for you that’s targeted specifically to Irvine’s climate.
Reducing energy bills and improving the comfort of your home is just the beginning. Windows from the Window Design Group offer an incredible array of convenience and control features that make operating and maintaining your windows virtually effortless. No-peel, no-paint vinyl frames will look beautiful for decades. A wide range of tilting and sliding sashes make cleaning windows quick and easy. Even screen are easier to manage.

Love Your Louvers

From true plantation style to sleek motorized shutter systems, the Window Design Group shutters are some of our most popular window coverings. Classic, timeless and adaptable – they add sophistication to virtually any space – giving you control over light, comfort and privacy at all hours of the day.

Our custom shutter solutions can be tailored to any space in your home – from a wrap-around street-level sunroom to a soaring entryway. And while they look clean and classic, our shutters are as high tech as they come. Our composite shutters will never warp, peel or chip. Our motorized shutters can be set to an automated schedule. And every shutter we offer is designed to perform beautifully for years.

A service experience like no other

The truth is, we don’t just offer outstanding windows and window coverings, we also offer a service experience that is second to none. Our customers appreciate our professionalism from day one – whether its little things like being on time every time or big things like standing by our generous warranties, we’re enormously proud of our customer relationships. We work as hard building them as we do building great windows.

Irvine FAQs


Does the Window Design Group sell other products besides replacement windows?2017-08-30T13:12:32-07:00

Yes! We offer everything from basic shutters, to customer shutters, plantation shutters, doors, windows for doors and more!

During what hours can I contact the Window Design Group to schedule an in-home consultation?2017-08-30T13:12:04-07:00

Our phone line is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also fill out the form above to request an in-home consultation and one of our customer representatives will reach out to you right away.

Where in California does the Window Design Group sell replacement windows?2017-08-30T13:11:37-07:00

The Window Design Group is based out of Simi Valley, CA but we have representatives all across southern California. You don’t need to worry about coming to us; we bring everything we need to provide replacement windows right to you in your home!