How to Determine if it is Time to Replace your Windows

Here are some guidelines for evaluating the current condition for your windows and assessing if replacement is needed. If a window simply shows signs of wear and tear or exposure such as cracked paint but operates normally, then it's likely time to refinish it according to the manufacturer's instructions. However, if a window shows clear [...]

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Green Building.

In addition to energy efficient windows, The Window Design Group offers windows made from sustainable materials, such as Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) certified wood. Green building also encourages home builders and owners to take advantage of natural process for heating and cooling. When planning your windows, consider which direction they face to maximize use of [...]

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Termites can be found in nearly every state in the nation, causing billions of dollars worth of damage to buildings and homes. Choose a material specifically designed to prevent insect damage, such as The Window Design Group Westbridge series vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum windows.

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Consider glass strength and the locking mechanism. Most of The Window Design Group windows meet forced entry test requirements. Other technologies such as Low-E glass use thicker double strength glass, which is twice as resistant to breakage compared to single strength glass. Our vinyl windows with our Positive Action locking mechanism with a tamper-resistant design [...]

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Noise reduction.

The Window Design Group offers a QUIET LINE of windows where sound transmission is reduced. Compared to a single pane of glass that has a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of around 27, an insulated laminated glass unit can achieve an STC rating of up to 35, which has the ability to block even loud [...]

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Accessibility & Safety.

We offer a variety of window types, handles, cranks and locks that are ADA compliant or recommended for home owners with limited mobility. If you have small children, then you may want consider the distance between the bottom of the window and the floor, especially on upper stories, The Window Design Group offers a variety [...]

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Warranties are important: proper installation and following the manufacturer's specific maintenance requirements are a must to maintain warranties and keep windows looking and performing beautifully for years to come. The Window Design Group offers an industry leading lifetime warranty on energy efficient, low maintenance vinyl windows.

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