Californians are sure of one thing this winter. Expect the unexpected when it comes to weather. Forecasters are talking about an increase in precipitation as a result of an El Nino weather pattern, but the weather-related concerns don’t stop there. Recently the state has had some strong storms with intense wind. While we’re used to a nice ocean breeze, these intense winds can cause damage. One of the benefits of replacement windows is the ability to rest assured that you and your home will be more protected.

Here in Southern California, many homes still have older windows. In a typical weather pattern of moderate temperatures and little rain, homeowners don’t feel much pressure to replace them. But when these storms begin, you may notice the wind coming through them.

Older windows may have micro-cracks in them. While invisible to the naked eye, they let some air and moisture through, making them less reliable in stormy weather. You may also notice that older windows seem a little more brittle. When wind gusts are blowing branches and other items around, these older windows aren’t strong enough to take much abuse. Newer replacement windows will keep out the wind, and are strong enough that they might even be able to tolerate something hitting them without breaking during one of these wind storms.

Many homeowners put off replacement windows because they feel that it’s a long, drawn-out project. With extreme efficiency, we can have your new windows ready to install in just 7 days from the time of ordering. Then, we make your home a priority and get them installed as quickly as possible. We also work with a company to offer no-interest financing for qualified buyers.

If you’ve been thinking about new windows, this is a great time to do it. In addition to adding value to your home, and saving you money on utilities, replacement windows will protect you and your family in the midst of the upcoming storms. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us.

This year's El Niño weather patterns may leave your home feeling drafty if your older windows can't stand up to storms.

This year’s El Niño weather patterns may leave your home feeling drafty if your older windows can’t stand up to storms.