As humans, we have a lot of things under our control, but the one thing we still haven’t figured out how to master is the weather. Every day, we just take whatever comes, and adapt to it the best we can. In your home, plantation shutters make it a little easier to adjust depending on the light outside.

Natural lighting from windows is a big selling point in homes, but there are times you just don’t want the room flooded with light. This is one of the sunniest places around, but sometimes you don’t need all that brightness in your life. Maybe you’re trying to watch some television and the light produces a glare on the screen, or you’re suffering from a migraine headache, which light only intensifies. Others don’t want the sun shining in their house because it heats things up, raising utility bills. It can also fade household furnishings, meaning you’ll have to replace them sooner. Plantation shutters allow you to adjust the intensity of the light coming into your home depending on your needs.

In California, we’re used to the sun, so when we do have several cloudy or rainy days, we can almost feel our bodies begging for the light. With winter weather predictions calling for above average rain this winter from an El Nino weather pattern, plantation shutters will be a great addition to homes. They allow you to maximize the natural lighting from the outdoors while still providing privacy from neighbors.

In addition to giving you control over the lighting in your home, plantation shutters are a great investment, and add value to your property. At Window Design Group, we have many years of experience, so we’ve made the process extremely efficient. Your shutters will be ready just 10 days from the time we measure your windows. We can install them on any window, even odd-shaped varieties. We offer them in wood or a composite material, and they not only provide control over light and privacy, but give your home architectural character that is hard to come by in modern homes.

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