benefits of replacement windows

Start 2016 by Enjoying the Benefits of Replacement Windows

We're off to a new year, and many homeowners are evaluating their space and trying to prioritize projects for 2016. Even if your budget is tight, the benefits of replacement windows are important to consider. Here are our top 3 reasons for choosing new windows for your home. Replacement windows save on energy usage. New, efficient versions [...]

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Benefits of Replacement Windows Make Your Tax Return Money Go Further

It's tax season, and for many households, that means a refund check from the government. Deciding how to spend that money can become a point of debate in some homes, with some wanting to save it, and others wanting to spend it frivolously. With all the benefits of replacement windows, homeowners can make their tax return [...]

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The Benefits of Replacement Windows

Possibly the most common place for a home to lose energy, whether it be from cold air or heat transferring through them depending on the season, is your windows. Your windows are a big deal when it comes keeping your energy use down, as well as being one of the most prominent focal points on [...]

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