It’s tax season, and for many households, that means a refund check from the government. Deciding how to spend that money can become a point of debate in some homes, with some wanting to save it, and others wanting to spend it frivolously. With all the benefits of replacement windows, homeowners can make their tax return money stretch a little further and make everyone happy.

An updated look is one of the top reasons for installing replacement windows. Homeowners love seeing their house with a new facelift, and enjoy the added benefit of not having to fight with old windows when trying to open or clean them. But new windows do more than just look good. They also add value to your home. So when you spend your tax refund money on replacement windows, you’re actually investing it as equity in your home. Some day, when you go to sell or borrow against your home, it will be worth more.

Another significant argument for new windows is the increase in energy efficiency. Older windows do little to maintain your house’s desired temperature, meaning you spend more money every month on utilities to keep your family comfortable. When you spend your tax return money on replacement windows, it actually will give you a return on your investment each month, with lower utility bills.

Some people argue that tax return money should be saved, but a wiser choice is to invest it. By putting the funds into replacement windows, you not only gain equity in your home but save money on energy bills. Windows are a great investment, and a smart way to use your refund money this year.

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Spending your tax refund on replacement windows is actually an investment in your home.

Spending your tax refund on replacement windows is actually an investment in your home.