If you are a family living in Irvine, you likely have a home with windows that allow the Southern California sun to stream in.  Although it may be a blessing to be able to enjoy the abundant sunlight when you are home, it is not desirable when no one is taking advantage it.  Negative consequences of excessive sunlight include high-energy bills and fading of fabrics, paint, and photos.  To improve energy efficiency and give your interior decorations a longer life consider having the Window Design Group install energy-saving window shutters or replacement windows in Irvine, CA.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows include Low-E insulating glass, which will provide fade protection.  A wide variety of options are available so you can select replacement windows within your budget that have energy benefits for the climate of Irvine.  

If you have older windows you will also notice a significant improvement in appearance.  Modern windows have vinyl frames that don’t require painting so they will look brand new for countless years.  Chipping or peeling paint will never be an issue.  In addition, current screens and windows are much easier to clean and manage.  Options such as tilting windows are popular because maintenance is extremely easy.  

Window Shutters

If you are not ready to purchase replacement windows it is still worthwhile to evaluate your current window coverings to determine if energy-saving shutters or cordless window coverings are beneficial.  Young families should be aware of the dangers of older window coverings.  Every year nearly a dozen children die due to accidental strangulation with a window cord.  Many others wind up in the hospital.  For safety reasons it is recommended that families with small children replace any window coverings made before 2001.  Products manufactured today are significantly safer.  Choose window shutters that are cordless for any child’s bedroom or play area.  

The Window Design Group can assist you in selecting a product that will be safe for your child and provide you the energy efficiency you desire.  Our in-home design consultants can show you the options so you can make an educated decision about what is best for your family.  In addition, you can rest easy knowing that the Window Design Group will take care of the installation for you verifying it was properly and safely completed.

Contact us to learn more about how replacement windows or window shutters can improve the energy efficiency and safety of your home.

Beautiful Plantations Shutter on Southern California Home

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