Finding an affordable, energy efficient replacement window can be quite difficult. Getting an energy efficient window can save on heating and cooling costs in the long run, but if the difference in up-front cost is too high then it just isn’t worth it. But finding an inexpensive energy efficient window often seems impossible.

So how do you get an affordable, energy efficient replacement window? Well, the secret lies in combining replacement windows and window coverings together for maximum energy efficiency. While the window itself can help with energy efficiency, it is the combination of the right window and the optimal treatment that really save you money on energy costs. Here are some energy-saving treatments:

Reflective film. Reflective film reflects sunlight to prevent heating in the summer, keeping the house cooler and requiring less money to be spent on air conditioning. It is best used in moderate climates with little temperature fluctuation, as the film reflects sunlight in the winter just as well as it does in summer.

Overhangs and awnings. Overhangs and awnings provide shade, reducing heat gain. They are more effective in summer than they are in winter.

Blinds and shades. Blinds and shades can be opened and closed as needed to let heat in during winter and keep heat out during summer. They are very simple and elegant ways to manage heat transfer. The drawback is that when they are lowered, they keep light out as well as heat.

There are a wide variety of ways to make your home more heat efficient by combining replacement windows with the proper treatments. Different houses have different needs, so be sure to consult a professional before deciding on a window and treatment combination.

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Blinds can be opened to let in heat in the winter and closed to keep it out in the summer.

Blinds can be opened to let in heat in the winter and closed to keep it out in the summer.