Persons seeking the provincial highly favorable combo of effective inside design and the functional window covering need look no further than the classic plantation shutter.  It is a retro window covering yet a highly stylized, popular covering for today.  The covering has proven itself.  A designer or residential decorator is generally well-pleased with the plantation shutter.  The shutter provides the consumer with a great deal of privacy.  It is very protective, convenient and looks terrific.  It has all of the preceding characteristics and then some.  It is a sturdy window covering and consumers report that the plantation shutter is also a very reliable window covering.


Multiple rows of wooden slats make up a shutter.  There is a singular vertical bar which runs down the center portion of the covering.   The bar allows the user to open or close the shutters, easy enough.  The open/close feature allows just the right amount of sunlight, too, to filter into a room.

Plantation Shutters benefits

If you were going to put residential owners under truth serum, most would reply they installed the interior plantation shutters due to the products’ provincial appearance and appeal.  There are a number of features that are, on many occasions, overlooked by the homeowner when he or she is seeking a quality covering.

A great feature of the shutter is the user can paint it to match or contrast with his or her inside design.  It is true that few coverings for the window offer this type of flexibility.  The ability to paint the shutter allows the decorator to tie the room together nicely.

Window shutters are great insulators.  Leaking glass from an old style window is easily covered with the shutters.  However, new windows are more energy-efficient.  Regardless, the added layer of shutter protection is always useful during the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter.  The windows of today are not leaky and the shutters keep warmth inside the home.

The classic covering provides the consumer with just the right amount of outside light.  It is just a matter of properly adjusting the slats of the shutter.  The homeowner can allow just as much light into the room that he or she can tolerate.  Then there is the style of the retro window covering.  The presentation is one of positive form and basic function.  The coverings are, in two words, classic and practical.

Persons who agree that plantation shutters are a good investment need to talk to a professional window treatment specialist or decorator.  The idea is to find the best design, material and shutter color for the residence. Begin your search today.  We are a phone call away so feel free to contact us.

While many homeowners install plantation shutters for their aesthetic appeal, they have many other benefits.

While many homeowners install plantation shutters for their aesthetic appeal, they have many other benefits.