Plantation shutters  are unique among window treatments. They are less expensive than custom drapes, yet, should you eventually sell the house and move on, they usually stay with the home. Why not? Plantation shutters are low-maintenance (Dusting and wiping of finger prints will be all that is ever necessary.) and will remain, strong, elegant, and good looking after years of use. They save the prospective buyer the trouble of acquiring window furnishings, yet, should the new owner have a different decorating style than yours, they can often be re-stained or painted to fit right in with whatever decor style the new owner prefers.

They also add to the long-term value of a home by increasing energy efficiency and thus reducing energy bills. Adjusted to allow a breeze to enter or to block strong sunlight, they can keep a room cool. Closed tightly, they insulate and reduce escape of heated air or leakage of heated air into an area unused in winter. And should outside temperatures vary greatly with the time of day, they can be adjusted throughout the day as desired.

Plantation shutters also add to the lighting options of a home. They can block out direct sunlight, yet let in all the light needed for normal activities. When the sunlight is not direct, they can be opened wide to allow maximum light to enter.

For all these reasons, prospective buyers consider plantation shutters a desirable feature, one that actually increases the value of a home. Also unlike any other window treatment, they can be included in the financing of the purchase of the home.

It is only after new owners have moved into a home with plantation blinds that they will note how the multiple panels make it possible to customize the view by leaving one panel open to feature the view of the mountains and leaving another closed to block the view of the neighbor’s untidy deck.

Window Design Group can help you maximize the contribution of plantation shade to your prospects for selling your home.

Prospective home buyers consider plantation shutters a desirable feature for a number of reasons.

Prospective home buyers consider plantation shutters a desirable feature for a number of reasons.