A very popular type of window shutter is the plantation shutter style. They are put on the inside of a window and designed to permit the free flow of air and important shade. This helps keep the inside of buildings cool during hot weather. It also provides protection from direct sunlight.

According to an article in Better Homes and Gardens, “Their standard makeup consists of multiple rows of horizontal wood slats with a single vertical bar running down the center. The center bar is attached to the slats so that moving it up or down allows you to open or close the shutters for privacy, and adjust the amount of light you let into the room.”

Plantation shutters control light

Plantation shutters can add a touch of quality, functionality, and elegance to your home that you will undoubtedly result in an even higher resale value as well after installing them.

In Agoura Hills plantation shutters are made to be low maintenance. Most require little or no upkeep. When a building owner properly maintains their plantation shutters, they will last for a long time. Most of these shutters will only require the owner to regularly dust them and wipe away fingerprints.

Energy Efficient

In Glendale plantation shutters can be made to match the openings of any window. They are considered to be an extremely energy efficient window covering. This will help to reduce a building owner’s energy costs. These shutters are able to decrease the amount of air that is heated or cooled from escaping a building’s interior.

Cost Effective

In Pasadena there was a time when plantation shutters were only seen on very expensive buildings. Today advancements in technology has made it possible for most building owners to enjoy the benefits of plantation shutters.

Permanent Feature

In Orange County there are some kinds of window coverings that need to be changed after being used for a couple of years. When plantation shutters are installed, they can become a permanent feature of a building. When properly cared for these shutters will last for both current and future building owners.

Light Control

In Los Angeles plantation shutters provide their owners with the ability to control the light that enters inside the building. It will also control the view through the window from both inside and outside.

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