Once a homeowner decides that it is time to replace the windows in their home, they will have many decisions to make about the type of windows they will want to purchase. One of the first decisions homeowners will have to make is whether they want retrofit or new construction windows installed. Each of these options for window installation provides benefits and drawbacks to homeowners. To help individuals make an informed decision, we will quickly go over the pros and cons of retrofit vs. new construction for replacement windows.

New Construction Windows

With new construction windows, the entirety of your old window including the window frame is completely removed from your home. A completely new window and frame is then placed in the hole where your old window used to be. The main problem with new construction windows is that the removal of the window frame usually damages your home’s exterior trim, siding, and/or stucco. This damage then must be repaired as part of the window installation process. Thusly, the process of installing new construction windows can take longer and cost more money. However, in the long-run, new construction windows tend to be the superior option as they provide a more elegant, custom look. Furthermore, new construction windows are less prone to leakage than retrofit windows

Retrofit Windows

Unlike new construction windows, retrofit windows are installed on top of the original window frame. Leaving the old frame in place, the installation of retrofit windows is quicker, easier, and more cost-effective. Furthermore, this form of window installation does not inflict any damage on one’s home. However, since the new window is being installed inside of the old window frame, your new window will be smaller and have less glass area than your old window.  Also, retrofit windows often do not look as finished as new construction windows.

Both retrofit and new construction windows have their benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately, the option that will be best for you depends on what you are looking for in a new window, how long you want the process to take, and how much you are willing to spend on your new windows. Contact us to find out more about these two window options as well to learn about which option may be best for your home.

Retrofit vs New Construction for Replacement Windows

New-construction windows are a popular option as they provide an elegant and custom look, and are less prone to leakage than retrofit windows