If you have just purchased a home in Moorport, California, you may be considering replacing windows to make them more energy-efficient. There are some determining factors as to whether to use retrofitting vs new construction for replacement windows as the best option. It comes down to priorities.

Retrofitting windows is the quickest and easiest option. Windows are fitted within the current frames, or over the top of the existing frames. Specifications cannot go beyond the dimensions of the original windows. During the replacement process, there is no damage to the exterior or the interior of the home. The original construction stays intact. There is a limit to how much creativity can be involved in retrofitting windows. In other words, if home is getting a makeover, the windows must and will stay the same and cannot be changed if they are retrofitted. Retrofitting is the most economical, fastest, and easiest way to install new windows. The downside is that the potential for air leaks exists.

With new construction replacement windows, the existing window frame is removed. Construction is cleaned back to the original studs of the original home. Doing this does allows the potential for a unique and new “custom” look to a home makeover. Of course, this process takes longer. It is more expensive. This process creates damage to the interior and exterior of the home that must be repaired. Benefits are the ability to be creative and install new windows according to the homeowner’s specifications. Another benefit is that new construction windows hold less potential for air leakage.

Contact us if you are in Moorport or the surrounding cities of southern California. We specialize in both new construction and retrofitted windows and can walk you through the decision-making process.

Retrofitting is a quicker and easier option than new construction, but doesn't allow for much creativity.

Retrofitting is a quicker and easier option than new construction, but doesn’t allow for much creativity.