Better Homes and Gardens currently features an article called “Rock the Block” in their March issue that encourages home-owners to put their house’s best foot forward this spring. From paint, plants, windows, to hardware, these home improvement ideas are simple and straightforward; but make immense improvements to the curb appeal of any home.

Take careful consideration on your windows; they are the eyes of your home, and what gives your neighbors a preview into your world and style. Having clean, updated windows will give your home a fresh new look. Try painting the window frames a bright white, or a neutral cream, to make the windows pop. Also, remember that the window treatments you select for the interior of your home will be a part of the exterior look as well. Plantation shutters will benefit the interior and the exterior of your home, and are a great way to add a bright, classic look from the inside out. Thoughtful architectural details like the brick eyebrow arches featured in the BHG article, framed the front window and draw the eye inside. The home-owners added curved detailing to the portico, door, door frame, and attic windows to create a feeling of continuity for the entire front design of the home.

Eye-catching Home Improvement Ideas

Adding plantation shutters will help you “rock your block,” adding aesthetic value to both the interior and exterior of your home

Choosing a color scheme for the exterior of a home can seem intimidating, when really it can be as simple as looking out the window to let nature be the inspiration. Select a palette of colors that work well together, compliment each other as well as the foliage outside, and don’t be afraid to use different hues of the same color. For trim and accent areas use the same color but go a few shades darker to outline, highlight, or add visual interest to that space. Paint the mailbox the same color as the house, and make the front door pop with a vibrant color from the palette. Add potted plants around your porch or front door in painted pots. Paint the plant pots the same shade as the house paint to tie the whole look together.

Small home improvements like this will go along way for your home’s curb appeal. Simple hardware like new door handles, address numbers, or door knockers will take the look to the next level. Planting new plants, or pruning back old annuals will give that fresh and friendly feeling to the exterior of your home that will invite your guests in. Please contact us for custom windows, and plantation shutters that will achieve that dreamy magazine quality look to your home’s curb appeal.