Living in Southern California, summer tends to arrive early and stay long. This means that very soon you will once again find your electric bills for your Irvine home growing larger due to the fact that you will be running your AC frequently to keep out the triple digit heat. However, you can combat these costly energy costs by ensuring that you have properly insulated windows that will help to keep the heat out. Knowing this fact, many homeowners often wonder how they will know when their home’s windows are no longer effectively keeping the elements out and thus need to be replaced. Here are a few common signs that your Irvine home may be in need of window replacement.

You Hear Excessive Noise

Modern dual/triple-paned windows work to dampen the amount of noise you hear from outside your home. This means that if you can hear things happening outside of your home clearly and loudly then it is likely that your windows have either failed, or that your windows are single-paned windows. This is generally a good sign that you should consider replacing your windows, as it is likely that they are poorly insulated. Poorly insulated windows are more likely to let heat in, which will cost you more on your electricity bills as your AC will have to work harder to maintain the temperature inside of your home.

You Can Feel a Draft Coming From Your Closed Window

If you can feel a draft coming from your windows, then it is likely that they need to be replaced, as this is generally a sign that the windows sealing has failed. This is another way in which you can lose a great deal of money, as hot air will be able to easily invade your home. If you are not sure whether or not there is actually a draft coming from your window, close your window and hold a lit candle up to it. If the flame flickers, or worse, goes out, then it is highly likely that you have a draft and should consider having your windows replaced.

These simple signs can be highly indicative that your windows are no longer properly doing their job of keeping the outside weather out of your home. If you believe that your windows may have failed, then it is highly advisable that you replace your homes windows as soon as possible due to the fact that the weather is only going to continue to get hotter over the next several months.

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Benefits Of Window Replacement In Irvine, CA

Modern dual/triple-paned windows work to dampen the amount of noise you hear from outside your home.