The idea of new window shutters in your home might not sound like something you need until you realize you have far too many windows to control all that natural light. This is especially true during the holiday seasons, as it can be a pain having to control how the sun shines in during sunsets so it doesn’t become an annoyance. How many times have you sat in someone’s guest room and the sun uncontrollably beamed right in your eye? If your host had specialized window shutters, they could control this problem, especially if they have skylights in their home.

Other times, windows might simply be impossible to reach because they’re behind heavy pieces of furniture or on the ceiling as part of your skylight design. This isn’t to say you still can’t control the light with manual shutters if they’re easy to control.

Here at the Window Design Group, we make controlling those shutters better with our quality manual or automated shutters for every type of window. We have both because we figure that you’ll want both since certain lighting situations will require different actions.

With our automated shutters, you can place them on skylights and in hard-to-reach areas where a timer can control when they open or close. Our manual shutters will help you control reachable windows when you need to control light in the moment rather than through an automated system.

The great news is that with new vinyl windows in your home, these shutters can fit any window type. And with those vinyl windows, you gain the benefits of being more energy efficient while also providing more space with specific window styles.

The Durability and Stylization of Vinyl Windows

Before winter arrives, you might want to consider replacing your aging windows with vinyl windows. You won’t find a more durable material than vinyl, and you have a chance to find a style of window that best suits the rooms of your home. This includes bay and garden styles that provide more space around the window to set things, if not even providing room for someone to sit there.

Having these or even slider windows with manual or automated shutters can help you enhance the views out your window while knowing you’re retaining heat in your place for the winter. With some of the most energy efficient glass on the market, you can make sure your guests stay warm during your holiday parties.

Contact us here at Window Design Group if you need to replace your windows or need new manual or automated shutters. Be sure you don’t go through another winter without being able to bring the best natural lighting for the comfort of your guests.

Control Natural Light With Window Shutters

Your guests shouldn’t have to wear sunglasses to comfortably sit in your living room — no matter how cool it makes them look!