Several factors can help you determine the right kind of shutters to improve your home. In sunny Orange County, composite shutters may just be the perfect fit. Our composite shutters look virtually identical to traditional wooden shutters, yet have a few key features that make them ideal for the Southern California climate.

1. Weather Resistance

Orange County boasts close proximity to the sparkling Pacific Ocean and warm California temperatures. As a homeowner the practical aspects of these factors should also come into consideration when picking appropriate home improvement fixtures.

Composite shutters are more weather resistant than traditional wooden shutters without sacrificing visual appeal. The plastics in our composite mixture protect against damage due to moisture that comes inland from the sea. A coating of phenolic resins adds an extra measure of protection against weather. Composite materials also help protect shutters from high seasonal temperatures that may damage wood over time.

Composite shutters from Window Design Group

Composite shutters are energy efficient and low maintenance.

2. Energy Efficiency

Compared with basic aluminum mini-blinds, our composite shutters are up to 1600% more energy efficient. On each vertical section, there is an Astragal flap to maximize control of light and temperature entering the home. This ensures that AC-related energy bills will be kept down more than with traditional wood shutters. We also coat our composite shutters with a UV finish that even further protects them from sun and weather damage.

3. Low Maintenance Upkeep

Our composite shutters come with a Lifetime Warranty for a reason. For durability over the long term in the Southern California climate, composite shutters are ideal. Over time, traditional wood shutters will often eventually warp or crack. Sometimes it starts as a small chip that is warped as moisture enters the wood follicles. Even the most solid wood is susceptible to rot and destructive critters like termites and carpenter ants. 

However, composite shutters do not weaken over time like wood. Our zinc borite coating is a strong preventative measure against termites and rot. In addition, composite shutters are the ultimate in low maintenance cleaning, only requiring a quick wipe down every now and again.

For more ideas about how composite shutters could improve your Orange County home, contact us today!