In a Southern California culture that has been putting greater emphasis on energy efficiency in recent years, many Anaheim homeowners are aware of the energy benefits that one can receive by replacing their windows, however, many homeowners are not aware of the extent of these benefits. Furthermore, being used to the amount they are paying for electricity, many homeowners do not consider the fact that they may need to purchase replacement windows for their home. Here are a few signs that you can look for that can indicate that your homes windows are likely in need of replacing.

You Hear Excess Outside Noise

A key sign that can indicate that your homes windows are old and could benefit from being replaced is if you can hear a lot of outside noise when your windows are closed. This is a sign that your windows are outdated and lack proper insulation, which is why sound is getting in. This lack of insulation means that more than just sound is getting in; without proper insulation, air will flow in and out of your windows, which can cost you greatly in energy bills. Living in Southern California, this energy loss will be even greater come the summer months when temperatures will again reach into the 100’s. Save yourself the expense, and help to save the environment, by upgrading to energy efficient windows in your home before summer returns.

Your Windows are Difficult to Use

Window Design Group at work Is it time to replace your windows?

Another sign that your windows may need to be placed is if you find them difficult to open or close. The mechanisms in older windows will tend to break down over time, which can make them eventually become completely non-functional. If this is the case with your windows, it is vital that you have them replaced, as having functional windows will be imperative in the case of an emergency.

Peeling Cracking Window Frames

It is not uncommon for the frames on older windows to become cracked or weathered over time; however, this is likely a sign that your windows are compromised and need to be replaced. When window frames become cracked, their seal is broken, which allows air and moisture to get inside of your windows and your home. This is an easy cosmetic sign to look for that can indicate to you that it may be time to consider replacing your homes windows.

Knowing the signs to look for that can indicate that your homes windows need to be replaced is vital is ensuring that your home is not only energy efficient, but that your home is also protected from the elements. Living in Anaheim, however, energy efficiency is something to contemplate if your homes windows are aging. Upgrading to modern, energy efficient, windows in your home will help to ensure that you save as much as possible on your summer energy bills. Contact us to find out more about the signs that can indicate that you may want to consider replacing your homes windows, or to make an appointment to receive a quote for replacing your homes windows.