Experiencing a draft due to old windows can be frustrating once the winter chill has arrived. In order for you to keep your home comfortable all year, you’ll want to look into getting replacement windows due to the time that’s lapsed since the initial installation of your windows. Your replacement windows will produce energy savings for the life of your home if chosen correctly.

Look for Dual-Pane Windows

While dual-pane windows can help prevent air from entering and exiting your home during the winter, they can also provide financial benefits. Energy savings can be upwards of 25% and will help offset the higher cost of installation for these types of windows over other designs.

Use Window Film to Help Insulate

An easy way to improve the energy efficiency of your windows even further is through applying window film. This kind of film can easily be bought at any home improvement or hardware store and can be easily applied on your own.

Don’t Forget to Add Window Coverings  

After your new windows have been installed, you’ll want to add extra insulation through window coverings. While blinds are popular, a more effective way to keep your home warm during the winter is through layered curtains or plantation shutters. These drapes can help prevent air from entering and exiting, while adding a cozy element to any room of your home.

As you look into all the options for improving the energy efficiency of your home during the winter, don’t forget to take care of your windows. Please contact us for any additional information regarding energy efficient windows.

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Dual-pane windows can help prevent cold winter air from entering your home.